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Prior to making a decision about admission to the care home, prospective residents and relatives are provided with all the information required to make an informed choice about whether Aldersmead is a suitable care home for them. We encourage individuals to schedule a visit, allowing them to personally experience our care home environment, meet our dedicated team, and discuss their specific requirements. This presents an opportunity to engage with our staff and current residents, addressing any inquiries related to life at our care home. Additionally, we are pleased to offer our Brochure and Service Users Guide upon request, providing additional details about our services.

Admission to Aldersmead is subject to bed availability and a pre-admission assessment. To ensure a suitable match, we conduct a thorough evaluation, overseen either by our Manager or Social Services, which comprehensively assesses an individual's healthcare, personal, and social needs. This assessment enables us to determine if Aldersmead possesses the necessary facilities, expertise, and equipment to fulfil the specific care requirements of the individual. Subsequently, a detailed Care Plan is prepared, incorporating inputs from the new resident, care professionals, and family members.

The Care Plan is a confidential document and is drawn up in accordance with professional guidelines to set out in detail the actions to be taken by care staff to ensure that the resident’s full needs are met. It is reviewed on a regular basis and any necessary changes are discussed with the resident and their representatives in a timely fashion. Residents will have access to their Care Plan and all personal records at all times (or may request information from them).

New residents are invited to move into the home on a trial basis before they and/or their representatives make a decision to stay on a permanent basis. At the time of moving into the care home, all residents will receive a personal copy of our ‘Service User Guide & Statement of Purpose’ which contains all necessary information required to support their stay. In addition, all permanent residents have the freedom to choose their own medical, dental and optician practitioners. The home is well supported by Bersted Green Surgery, however, you can notify us if you wish to retain your own GP. For emergency admissions, we would attempt to follow the same procedures wherever possible.

Nursing Care Servicves

Our fees are based on the individual care needs of the residents. Fees are payable monthly in advance by Standing Order, BACS or cheque and are reviewed annually with a month’s notice of any changes. Our administrator is happy to offer initial information on access to public or voluntary funds related to your personal circumstances.

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