Social Activities at Aldersmead

At Aldersmead, we recognize the significance of social interaction and engaging activities during the later stages of life. We prioritize the well-being of our residents by fostering a warm and sociable atmosphere that promotes overall quality of life.

To ensure a fulfilling experience, our team includes two dedicated Activities Organisers who meticulously curate a diverse and enriching entertainment program each month. Our offerings encompass a range of activities such as music, quizzes, board games, art sessions, reminiscence talks, and armchair exercises. Residents have the choice whether to participate as much or as little as they prefer, and our activities are widely enjoyed. We also invite guest entertainers who deliver delightful singing performances, musical recitals, and various shows. Whenever feasible, we take advantage of our picturesque garden and organize trips to nearby attractions, including the beach, park, and local the town centre for shopping. Additionally, we facilitate outings to places of local interest based on residents' preferences.

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